Video licensing is a complex area of law. At Forgotten Media, we provide a simple 3-tier licensing model to keep both parties protected, and to ensure that our work is not used or distributed in an unauthorised manner.


In simple terms, we own everything that we shoot, and you own the version of the asset(s) that we have edited for you. If you would like manipulate that edit, and create something new, then you would need to purchase a license to the raw footage. We do not offer the raw footage without purchasing a license for it

There are 3 main reasons for this…

1. Out of the many hours of footage that we shoot, only a small portion of it will be used for the final product. Some of the unused shots might be terrible, and is not something that we would consider a fair representation of our work, and quite honestly, is not something we would want you, or anyone else to see.

2. We are artists, so we always worry that someone is going to take our art and get someone else to draw on it (or in our minds, ruin it) for half the price! In most cases the client’s motives are genuine and have an innocent reason behind them. But that doesn’t stop production companies sweating with fear at the thought of the implication. It seems crazy but most creative people have a strong attachment to every piece of work they create. The thought of someone blemishing that is hard!

3. Our cameras shoot incredibly detailed footage, and filesizes of raw footage can run into Terabytes for a single video. The cost of storing that amount of data can be astronomical, let alone moving it around. On top of that, the amount of time it takes to export hours of footage into a viable format is many times longer than the footage itself. Time is money, after all.

When we produce your video, all our deliverables, by default, come with a standard usage license (explained below), which in most cases is more than enough. Should you wish to use the product for more than that, you would need to purchase an extended license.

License Tiers

Below are summaries of our licensing options. If there are any specific licensing requirements, feel free to get in touch and we can advice which license best applies to you.

Tier-1 License (Standard USAGE)

Our standard non-exclusive license grants you (and only you) to unlimited use of your video, provided it is used within the following conditions:

  • It can only be used for online platforms (social media, YouTube, Vimeo, your website etc)

  • It must only be used “as-is”, meaning it cannot be tampered with in any way, including cropping, shortening, changing colours, or switching the music.

  • You cannot sell the video to anyone else to make money. Only you may profit from its use online.


Tier-2 License (broadcast)

This non-exclusive license grants you broadcast usage rights for 2 years. It means you can share your video for use on other platforms on the web and TV. This might be, for instance, submitting the video for Kerrang! TV, or maybe in a compilation video on another platform. This means that you and one other organisation might be making money from your video, and this license gives you the right to decide who may do that. Certain conditions apply, such as

  • It must only be used “as-is”, meaning it cannot be tampered with in any way, including cropping, shortening, changing colours, or switching the music.

  • The rights cannot be transferred forward to another entity for them to also decide who can make money from it.

  • A broadcast license should be purchased for each platform with which you wish to share or distribute the asset(s)

COST: £550 + VAT (per platform)

TIER-3 LIcense (Unlimited)

This non-exclusive license gives you the right to modify the footage however you like! You will be supplied raw footage for your own purposes and can do with that whatever you please, but there are a few conditions…

  • The license cannot be transferred to any other party

  • We reserve the right to request, within reasonable terms, that any edit of the footage be removed should it violate ethical or moral standards

  • The footage cannot be used to portray Forgotten Media in a negative way

COST: £380 + VAT (per 30 seconds of raw footage)

* you will not have to purchase the footage in its entirety. We are happy to supply clips of the key segments you wish you use, in order to keep costs down. An administration fee of £125 + VAT will be added to cover time taken for license creation, and render time.

Bespoke Licensing Options

In some cases, you may wish to purchase large amounts of footage, or purchase a specific license for a unique use-case not covered by our licensing options. Feel free to get in touch and we can always work out a bespoke license for your needs.