Our team will guide you through developing your concept, building the narrative and refining the overall product. On the day of filming they will handle everything to make sure things run smoothly, so you can focus on your best performance.

Cinema lighting and broadcast ready 4K footage, combined with expert editing and colour grading conforming to industry standards, means your video carries a professional look and feel.

We own all our gear, meaning we save on rental costs, and those savings are passed down to you.



CONCEPT - Sometimes, you know exactly what you want, sometimes you don’t. You supply us all your ideas, and we work alongside you to develop a concept. Working from images and other bodies of work to build something that conveys your message.

PRE-PRODUCTION & SCHEDULING - Once we have your idea down on paper, we work to source all the assets required for your shoot. All lighting, grip, camera, lenses, and crew are included in the price. Once we have the perfect location, we synchronise all members of the team, and plan the day of the shoot.

SHOOT DAY - You’re in good hands. We take care of everything on the day, so you can focus on your performance. Your call sheet will provide all the information on when and where you need to be.

POST-PRODUCTION - We will build our first edit. This is then submitted back to you for approval. You have 2 rounds of changes, giving you complete creative input to mould the production exactly to your liking.

DELIVERY - Once we have completed post-production, and you have signed off the final product, we will provide you a link to download both the full-resolution master file, and a smaller, more portable render for use on social media.

ARCHIVE - We keep your project in our secure archive indefinitely. Should you ever need to use any of the footage in the future, or require any re-edits, we have it ready.



All our prices are bespoke, based on the time, crew, and complexity of the shoot.

Our prices include all Crew, Lighting Fixtures, Grip, Camera’s, Editing, Playback, Lighting Design, Color Correction, and Color Grading. The only thing you pay for are location costs, which we can source for you.